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Scholarly Work

CIS 199: Software Development I

The course introduced object-oriented concepts such as the use of classes, methods, encapsulation, and inheritance. There was concentration on using object-oriented programming to solve simple problems involving input and output.

CIS 200: Software Development II

This course was a continuation of object-oriented software development. Topics included
polymorphism, inheritance, and object interaction. Event driven programming of graphical user interfaces was also introduced.

CIS 310: Database Design

This course provided the foundation for the design and implementation of database systems. Emphasis was on relational database models, with significant coverage of basic relational database concepts, normalization, E-R modeling, locking, SQL, and distributed databases.

CIS 443: Analytics Programming

This course introduced general programming concepts and techniques to data analytics. Programming included accessing data, creating informative data graphics, writing functions, debugging, and organizing code.